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The SSS Defence Sniper scope is a high-magnification variable power rifle scopes that has been designed with the user in mind. We understand that military engagements now call for a sniper to identify targets and decipher threats located kilometres away on complex terrain and foliage. Magnification in itself is no more a solution. It needs to be combined with high resolving power, razor sharp clarity and contrast. Our upgraded features and high quality glass allow for precision long range shots and the scope’s dimensions are compact relative to power. This facilitates the attachment of most thermal, night vision and other accessories. Considering that today’s battlefield can range from urban to high altitude to desert, the scope has many features that allow for use in a multitude of environments.

SSS Defence firmly believes that the boundaries of technology are being expanded to fundamentally change the process by which a sniper engages a long range target. We are preparing for an industry wide disruption by coming up with products that incorporate innovation in electro-optics, displays, sensors and algorithms. The intelligent scope is a product that merits adoption and we intend to invest our resources and R&D in that direction.

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GoobayTM Platform

Thermal Weapon Sights [TWS]

The GOOBAY Platform of uncooled Thermal Weapon Sights (TWS) provides soldiers an array of advantages in detecting, observing and engaging hostile targets. Intended for medium to long range engagements. The sights boast a fast 75 mm objective lens and are paired to high sensitivity FPA. This combined with the proprietary image enhancement solutions, deliver staggering detection figures of upto 3380 metres. The TWS are manufactured according to strict military standards. The body is made of hard anodized, high strength, aircraft grade aluminium for durability.

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- High-Resolution Uncooled FPA: 640 x 480
- Quality and “Fast” Germanium Lens
- High-Resolution AMOLED Display 800 x 60
- Weapon-Mountable: Fits 1913 Rails
- 24-Hour Operation
- Built-In Video Recorder
- Ultra-Low Power Consumption
- Stow Safety Feature (SSF)
- Manual Display Brightness Adjustment
- Manual and Auto FPA Sensitivity Adjustment
- Precision-Machined Rugged Aluminium Body
- Fast Refresh Rate: 50Hz
- Video-Out for External Display and Recording
- Stadia Metric Rangefinder
- Remote Control Unit
- Black Hot/ White Hot Polarity Control
- External Power Supply Compatibility
- Complete Dust and Waterproof Protection